Casa Malevo

Thursday was the night for futbol.

For five years Argentinean ex-pats Diego Jacquet and Roberto Tavoloni met weekly at a London pitch with their fellow countrymen to enjoy the sacred game.

Diego had worked at Ferran Adria’s El Bulli in Spain, Aquavit in New York and, most recently, The Trafalgar and Zetter hotels in London. He has also built his own catering business, Zoilo, with a strong reputation for Argentine cuisine.

Roberto had come to London initially for six months, but stayed on to build a career in pub management. “After football,” he explains, “we talked about the food and wine of our homeland and dreamed about restaurants.”

With the support of fellow Argentinean, restaurateur Alberto Abbate, Diego opened Casa Malevo in Connaught Street, W2, in October 2010. Roberto is Manager.

The inspiration is a desire to offer honest and truthful ‘cocina Argentina’. The menu explores different regions of the country, highlights including empanadas salteñas (savoury pastries) and mollejas al verdeo (grilled sweetbreads with spring onions, bacon and lemon) and fabulous Argentine beef. The wine list is from Argentina, with the majority available by 375ml carafe.

(Alberto Abbate is behind restaurants Santa Maria del Sur, runner up for Best Local Restaurant in Gordon Ramsay’s The F-Word, and Garufa, runner-up Best Local Restaurant 2009 by Time Out).


A complete refurbishment of the basement including walls, floor and ceiling.

Equipment installed includes a Blue Seal double chargrill, grill, fryers and four-burner range, plus refrigeration, tabling and wash-up area.

The kitchen is small, caters for 40 upstairs and a 12-seater private dining area adjacent.

“Diego had worked with Hansens before,” says Roberto, “and my boss when I was in pubs knew them too. Hansens know this business inside out; they know what chefs and owners are looking for.

“Diego and Hansens designed the kitchen. It had to be well engineered and designed to fit the space.

“The equipment is good, but also if you have a problem (we put the grill back together wrongly after cleaning and it wouldn’t work) and I could not believe how fast Hansens responded.

“We had been looking for a machine to keep bread warm – couldn’t find what we wanted – even on the internet. Hansens knew exactly what we needed, gave us a quote and even told us where it could be located; they know the size of the kitchen and how it fits together.”
“When you call Hansens, you know who you are talking to and they will sort the problem out.”

Specially Selected Equipment

Hansens specified a Blue Seal 4-burner range, double width chargrill, grill and twin fryer. Blue Seal is ideal for a small kitchen; it is compact, reliable and competitively priced while still offering good quality.

We chose Precision Slimline Counters for this small kitchen. Precision offers a versatile range of cabinets to choose from and the company will also manufacture one-off ‘specials’ when required.

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