L’ Absinthe

L’Absinthe, Chalk Farm

“A recession proof delight; Exceptional value; Single-handedly inspiring customers with his enthusiasm.” So say the media critics of Jean-Christophe Slowik’s L’Absinthe restaurant.

Opened in November 2007 on Chalcot Road, the French neighbourhood bistro now has a new neighbour, the L’Absinthe Deli and Café.

Jean-Christophe worked with Marco Pierre White for many years and “knew Hansens from the Mirabelle, Belvedere and Frankie’s. They proved very reliable. It is the service you are buying from Hansens and that gives me peace of mind.

“I get on very well with Hansens and once you build that relationship with suppliers, then life is easier. Hansens designed the facilities, came up with good ideas and it has worked very well.

“Hansens always find a way to get the right thing done. We buy all our equipment from Hansens and if we need to look at something, we go to the shop. Their engineer lives locally, which makes it easier to get things fixed…he pops in on his way home.

“When we were refurbishing the restaurant kitchen, Hansens told us honestly what to do with our equipment; whether it is worth fixing or putting in the bin. They recommended induction for the deli kitchen; it does not require ventilation and that saved aggravation and money.

“We have a good relationship. Hansens are very helpful, they respond quickly and if you have a problem that needs sorting quickly, Hansens will fix it and if not, they will get it organised.”

Specially Selected Equipment

Valera induction hobs, built into tables and neatly suited up to the wall and adjoining equipment. Valera induction is reliable, well-built and provides great value for money. The same can be said of Valera’s deli-counters, with added good looks.

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