The Old Brewery

The Old Brewery, Greenwich

An extraordinary mix of experimental brewery, café, restaurant and heritage site, the Grade II listed Old Brewery is also only a stone’s throw from the world’s last tea clipper, the Cutty Sark. It also sits alongside the ‘Discover Greenwich’ cultural centre.

The brewers include 2008 ‘Brewer of the Year’ Alastair Hook. Beers include limited edition and seasonal beers such as Meantime Yakima Red (uses US hops grown in the Yakima Valley, Washington State). There are also Hospital Porter, London Stout and even, lager!

The Old Brewery is a seven days a week operation. During the day the main hall is a café with a feature food counter. Next door, the bar leads onto a landscaped courtyard which offers an all day menu. By night, the main hall is a vibrant restaurant offering a modern British menu under waves of suspended bottles with copper stills in the background.

The Kitchen Challenge

“To plan the back of house to provide the storage and cooking facilities able to cope, even on the busiest of occasions. Hansens have also designed a kitchen in a small area that utilises the space to its maximum. From design to install their service has been faultless,” says Andrew Ward, Retail Director.

“This was the first time we used Hansens and it was also my first time working on a project of this scale. Hansens were very upfront and gave very good advice. The builders would have left us with breeze block walls in the kitchen but Hansens insisted they gave us hygienically clad walls.”

Hansens also assisted with the design of the bar and the stunning food counter, which has to cater for the daytime café and evening restaurant. Throughout the day the display changes to include breakfast, deli, bistro, high tea and afternoon specials. In the evening it is transformed, to showcase cold starters and desserts. “They recommended introducing a little bit of theatre so our customers can see that their food has been produced here.

“Hansens are a very helpful company. Outside their remit, they cut a stainless steel bar unit to fit our beer fonts; it had arrived the wrong size. We had a plumbing problem in the cellar – nothing to do with catering – but Hansens plumber solved the problem in two minutes.

“Hansens also carry out our preventative maintenance. We closed for one day on their advice and they serviced all the equipment, did all the H&S including PAC-testing and scheduled other work such as replacing the worn-out hand blender (they have lent us one until we get another).

“Hansens take the hassle out of kitchens. I can’t sing Hansens praises enough. Nothing is too much trouble and they are always efficient.”

Specially Selected Equipment

Convotherm combination ovens from Manitowoc are very reliable and perfect for a multi-functional kitchen that is working all the time. This is a workhorse that is easy for chefs to operate and it also has the versatility to cater for bar and restaurant menus.

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